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Control Bendy, the happy character from the classic animated cartoons, in Bendy in Nightmare Run, and flee from loads of enemies. Thankfully, in this endless run bendy doesn't just run... he can also attack.

Bendy in Nightmare Run's controls are very similar to other endless runners. Move from left to right by swiping the screen from side to side, swipe up to jump, and tap the screen twice to fire whatever weapon bendy has equipped.

Each level of Bendy in Nightmare Run has one simple goal: keep running away from the boss, and defeat him before he defeats you. Defeat the boss by dodging his attacks while using all kinds of weapons to shoot him and take away his life points.

As you beat levels you can unlock loads of bonus content. Unlock new skins for bendy, as well as all kinds of new weapons, such as explosive barrels, knives, pipes, and more.

Bendy In Nightmare Run is a very entertaining endless runner, perfectly adapted to touchscreen devices, with a design and gameplay similar to Cuphead. On top of all that, it has fantastic graphics. Grab your weapon, start running, and defeat all the bosses.
By Beatriz Escalante
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Android 4.0.3 or higher required